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"I had never worked with children, and especially children who we are trying to avoid from joining a gang. So what we did is teach values, teamwork, that they value what their parents do for a living, and that they begin to think about what they want to do for their future.

We are working with a group of 50 children in the sixth grade. Their teachers have told us how since the program initiated the children have changed, they are less rebellious, they work hard on their homework, and their grades are improving." – Jóvenes en Acción participant, Class of 2011. "Combatiendo la Violencia con Conciencia" from Penjamo, Guanajuato. –


"We are primarily focused on social educational points, where we are looking for an integral formation. We divided are team and programs into different areas: anti-violence, health, sports, promoting values, etc. Each one of us focused on different areas depending on each of our abilities. 

Investigating how to get sponsors was our greatest challenge, and it was something we could only have learned from Jóvenes en Acción. For us it was not only about learning and organizing the activities for the children, but also how to get resources, organize ourselves, and how to spread the message. That is what this experience has taught us." – Jóvenes en Acción participant, Class of 2011. "Combatiendo la Violencia con Conciencia" from Penjamo, Guanajuato. –


"I am these kids' teacher, and I have known them since third semester and now they are in their fifth semester. I have noticed a very positive change in them, sensitivity to society. These kids, with the experience they have gained with the children, are more sensitive.  I have seen how they began to integrate with their classmates in a different way, making new friends, work more as a team. That is what I can observe as their teacher. It is really moving.

The time that they had for this project was really short for what they achieved. This experience has changed their lives, and changed them for good. They are more sensitive, more human. Lets bet on a better education, we need to generate kids like them, so that they are sensitive and conscious of their social reality, that want to change their social reality, that with the technology we have to use it for good and not for bad. The only way in which they kids achieved this was because they lived it." – Supervisor of Jóvenes en Acción participants, Class of 2011. "Combatiendo la Violencia con Conciencia" from Penjamo, Guanajuato. –


"Carrying out this project was a challenge. We had to learn to take advantage of our skills. Each of us had faults and we had to learn how to work on them in order to get together as a rich-enough team to successfully carryout the program. It leaves you with great satisfaction to know that you are supporting these children to have better opportunities." – Jóvenes en Acción participant, Class of 2011. "Combatiendo la Violencia con Conciencia" from Penjamo, Guanajuato. –


"At first it was really hard because we arrived from the US very inspired and with the will to work, but we also had a lot of challenges of where to begin. We had nothing physically, but afterwards we were able to get sponsors, and we are so grateful for that. Our school supported us a lot, with transportation, lunches, etc. The Rotary Club provided us with sports equipment, and Fomento Educacional so kindly visited our school and worked with the children in person." – Jóvenes en Acción participant, Class of 2011. "Combatiendo la Violencia con Conciencia" from Penjamo, Guanajuato. –


"I arrived in Mexico a little less than a year ago, just as the 2011 generation of Jóvenes was returning from Washington, D.C.  At the welcome back ceremony, I spoke with several groups about the projects they were planning to implement in their communities.  I was immediately impressed with their enthusiasm, commitment, and maturity.  Over the following months, I learned of their challenges and concerns and witnessed their progress and development first-hand.  

At the final wrap up conference one participant said, "where others question why, Jóvenes en Acción say 'why not?'"  In a sense, these words encapsulate what he and his colleagues came away with.  Now, when they identify challenges, they have the tools and confidence to address them, to say "si se puede" and act as agents of change.  

It has been incredibly fulfilling to collaborate with our partners in the Mexican government and the private sector on this project.  Everyone brings something to the table, whether lending moral support, leading by example, or advising and inspiring these youth.  In the true spirit of an effective and successful public-private partnership, we all come together to make a difference the lives of these young leaders and the communities they live in.  In sum, to be a part of the promise that Jóvenes en Acción represents, not only for Mexico, but for the bilateral relationship, is immensely rewarding both personally and professionally." – Amy Dove, Coordinator of Jóvenes en Acción at the Embassy of the United States. –


"Some of the teams that are part of Jóvenes en Acción, became interested and engaged with the program's objectives because of the work and the impact their classmates achieved with the implementation of their projects.  So, the Jóvenes are leading by example and the word is getting around!" – Araceli Partearroyo, Embassy of the United States. – 

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