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Fomento Educacional A.C. has supported the Jovenes en Accion program since 2011, an initiative established in 2010 that seeks to enrich intercultural ties between the US and Mexico through empowering Mexican youth. 


The program sponsors and trains groups of young Mexican students around the country, fostering their leadership and teamwork skills, and supporting the civic project that each group develops.


Valerie Cardenas Dugal from the Ministry of Public Education in Mexico coordinates the Jovenes en Accion program. In this interview she shares with us her experience supporting the program.


Tell us about the Jovenes en Accion program and its results?

It's a program that adds great value to the bilateral relationship, but above all to the youth involved. The program strengthens or develops the young participants' leadership skills and promotes a group consciousness, a generational one, encouraging them to use social networks for communication and support. Addressing issues of concern in their community and giving them a space to contribute to the solution or prevention gives these young people confidence and self-empowerment to confront and contribute to their community's situation. It encourages them to become true agents of change and from a young age it fosters their concepts of teamwork, solidarity, commitment and responsibility.


How would you describe your experience as program coordinator?

It is a very fulfilling experience, as a public official it is very motivating to know that there are spaces for making a positive contribution that young people are interested in, that there is the willingness from authorities and that it is possible to receive support for programs that create an opportunity, and often a change, in the youth's life perspectives.

Their personal growth is very impressive, their development in just 10 months. They come in shy, disoriented, soft-spoken, with no questions, and they leave walking with more confidence, interacting with people, opinionating and contributing, projecting their voice, it is very impacting. 


What has been the feedback from those involved?

This is a program with a positive impact for all the actors involved: for those of us who organize it, those who finance it, those who coordinate it and those who benefit from it.


It is the perfect program for public-private participation where the results are a win-win for everyone.


What other organizations support this program?

Those that believe in the potential of youth in Mexico, in the commitment that both governments should work together for developing human capital, which is what will lead the bilateral relationship. Those organizations that due to their objectives are interested in contributing so that Mexico can advance that technology can be incorporated, a that a cultural transformation that benefits the exchange and dialogue between both countries and their societies can occur.


Those organizations that bet on Mexico's best asset: its people. 


Since when and how has Fomento Educacional A.C. supported the Jovenes en Accion Program?

Since its second edition in 2011, they not only have been active sponsors of the program, contributing funds to the program’s operation, but also active participants in the relationship with the young participants, particularly with the teams of Guanajuato, Estado de México and Jalisco who have given them punctual follow-ups and have contributed to strengthening the participants’ projects, and above all strengthening their potential. 


They have believed in them, gave them advice and have visited with them.


Fomento Educacional is a very committed partner, and it is a great privilege to count on their active support. 


What has been your experience working with Fomento Educacional?

Very positive, I believe that our values, principles and objectives coincide, allowing for the relationship with the program to flow. Our experience working together enriches every step of the way in order to creatively strengthen and develop collaboration opportunities based on a mutual understanding and respect for the efforts invested, and ensuring the success of the Jovenes en Accion program, and to actively contribute to the creation of bridges of dialogue and bilateral exchange.


Is there anything else you'd like to share?

My gratitude for believing in this initiative, the recognition of their belief in Mexico's youth, and their commitment to having these young people become a part of this bilateral understanding. 


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