The Community Cultural Enrichment Academies - Program Teaching English as a Foreign Language

The American School Foundation, A.C.

The Community Cultural Enrichment Academies Program


In existence since 2005, the Community Cultural Enrichment Academies Program has dedicated itself to the training of Mexico City's public school teachers in English as a second language. The program is a collaborative project between the American School Foundation, A.C. (ASF), and the Mexican Secretary of Public Education (SEP), with the support of Fomento Educacional, A.C.


The academy is not only designed to improve public school teachers' ESL teaching skills, but also to give them the necessary resources to compete in a globalized world, and to share their acquired knowledge with their peers and students.  


Ever since it was founded over 642 public school teachers have graduated from the course, benefiting a total of 78,540 students in the Mexico City public school system. Upon completing the course, teachers also obtain teaching credits from México's National Mixed Training Commission. 


FEAC has supported the Community Cultural Enrichment Academies program for several years now since both share the same values and goals: strengthening the intercultural and educational ties between Mexico and the US, as well as empowering Mexican professionals with new skills and knowledge in order to improve their professional and personal lives, affecting their peers and students.  


The Community Cultural Enrichment Academies Program is supported by:

  • The American School Foundation, A.C. 
  • Secretary of Public Education (SEP)


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