People build bridges. This is a fundamental truth not only in the world of construction, but in the realm of human relations. Fomento Educacional A.C. (FEAC), a non-profit organization, is a bridge-builder determined to bring about greater cultural understanding between the United States and Mexico in the belief that this goal is not only desirable, but attainable.


Over a period of time FEAC emerged out of the Mexican - North American Cultural Institute, originally founded in 1944 under the aegis of the United States Embassy in Mexico City, in order to promote bi-cultural understanding, provide language education and sponsor cultural events. Eventually, the Institute became a self-standing and independent organization under the direction of a bi-national Board of Directors.


In 1968 FEAC was established and acquired the Institute's properties and copyrights on their textbooks. The Institute continued to function as a cultural center and served as a catalyst for the development of several bi-cultural centers/language schools around the country. 


Given the growing competition in the Mexico City market place for language schools, reorganization became inevitable, resulting in the closure of the Institute.  FEAC then focused its activities, in part through the Centro  Mexicano Americano de Relaciones Culturales (CEMARC), established in 1971.  Also a bi-cultural language teaching center, CEMARC worked to provide English language teaching and bi-cultural understanding.


Some thirty-five years later as English language institutes continued to proliferate and North American culture made greater in-roads in the country, CEMARC was phased out. Today FEAC identifies, funds and oversees those individuals, institutions, organizations and educational entities that encourage bi-cultural understanding; they promote bi-cultural activities and education, and work to increase their patrimony so that they can continue to contribute to bridging understanding between Mexico and the United States.

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