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Fomento Educacional, A.C. is a non-profit organization. It's objective is to financially support institutions, associations or organizations with cultural objectives authorized to receive deductible donations in terms of the Income Tax Law.



Fomento Educacional, AC's (FEAC) mission is to find funds and monitor those institutions, organizations, educational institutions and individuals that promote bicultural understanding between the two countries. This is accomplished by promoting bicultural and educational activities, generating and maximize the return on our equity, and increasing the assets we invest in these projects through new donations. All of this is done in order to increase and enhance mutual understanding and intercultural exchange between Mexico and the United States.


Our motivation is to nurture a bicultural vision within individuals, which are then reflected in their ideas, concepts, lifestyles and best practices, and that will enhance and improve the quality of their lives and of their communities, and better prepare them to compete in today's world.



Fomento Educacional, A.C.'s objective is to stimulate and enforce cultural and educational alliances between México and the US by supporting programs that share this vision. Supporting these projects not only creates bridges between the two cultures, but also enriches the personal and professional lives of each individual participating in the project through coexistence and learning.  


FEAC's specific objectives include:

  • Economically support activities of physical and moral people authorized to receive deductible donations, who promote and foster cultural and educational activities between Mexico and the United States.
  • Contribute to English and Spanish-language education programs carried out by non-profit entities with a prestigious reputation in the community.
  • Promote the professional and personal growth of Mexicans and North Americans, exposing them to both cultures, motivating them to return to their country, improving the educational and cultural understanding in their country of origin. 
  • Organize and participate in events in order to obtain funds. 
  • Maintain the growth and efficient use of the Association's patrimony. 
  • To continue and grow it's operations indefinitely as an institution with a solid structure. 



"To be an Association that grants donations to institutions and individuals dedicated to and responsible for educational and cultural projects that foster education and culture between Mexico and the United States.


The election process will always be carried out with probity and honesty for each of its participants."  


Values and Principles 





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